About JDLA

Purpose of establishment

JDLA is a non-profit organization, aiming to promote Deep Learning technology as a driving force for Japanese industries to gain competitiveness in the global stage.

Therefore, industries that utilizes deep-learning technology and experts gather to promote usage of this technology in industries, human resource development, advises public organizations and industries, international collaboration and public speaking to ensure healthy development.

Message from the Chairman

Deep Learning Association was established with a motive to promote competitiveness among Japan’s industries. It is formed by enterprises that utilizes Deep Learning Technology in their businesses.

The rapid advancement in Deep Learning Technology in 2012, boosted performances in technologies like image recognition and sound recognition. Machines are able to “see” different situations and it compatibles with the manufacturing industry. We are able to solve the problems caused by the declining in population and it is a big opportunity for Japan. Many other countries are also quick in adapting with this new technology. If we want to be competitive on the global stage, I think we have to be quick in expanding this new [Deep Learning Industry].

In order to achieve this, we have to develop new talent. Not only we have to scout for talents that has deep learning knowledge, we also need talents that understands the possibilities and limitations of the technology to fully utilize this to solve real world problems. Deep Learning is not omnipotent.
There are many types of data that is being used in this field. Some data is best used for Machine Learning and some is best used for Deep Learning.
A person that can fully understands Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in an organization is a very important factor in promoting the advancement of this technology in this industry. At the same time, talents that are able to develop softwares that uses Deep Learning are largely insufficient. I hope for engineers, researches and students from various fields to be able to learn this new skill.

There is no good or bad in Artificial Intelligence, its characteristics is derived from [There is no definition of Artificial Intelligence]. Due to the low tolerance of implementing this technology, anything and everything can be called artificial intelligence. There is also a possibility of over expectation. That is why in this field it is very important to have a certain level or knowledge and skill. This association’s first and most important activity is to carry out tests. User companies and engineers are required to have a certain degree of knowledge in other to carry out practical discussions or develop businesses.

Moreover, in order for the [product of the learning results] to be widely used by society, there is a need for legal systems, privacy laws, moral ethics to be discussed. This is where the association can also organize discussions or events that include the country’s representatives and companies or societies that provide deep learning services.

Before the time of establishment, companies that are involved in deep learning and startups gathered and discussed for a year about establishing this association. The motive of establishment is to promote competitiveness among industries and to expand companies that are developing deep learning technologies. Although deep learning is now only seen as a machine learning technique, it is a technology full of possibilities. It plays a very important role in the advancement of artificial intelligence. I hope that many companies, experts, engineers and researches agree with our activities and we look forward for your active participation in our association.

Japan Deep Learning Association

Association Outline

Japanese Name一般社団法人 日本ディープラーニング協会
English NameJapan Deep Learning Association (JDLA)
ChairmanYutaka Matsuo Professor, University of Tokyo
Board of Directors
Takeshi IzakiSenior Director of Enterprise Division, NVIDIA
Arisa EmaAssociate Professor, Tokyo College, University of Tokyo
Naoaki Okazaki 
Professor, School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Yousuke OkadaCEO, ABEJA
Tetsuya OgataProfessor, Waseda University
Taichi KakinumaLawyer, Storia Law Office, P.C.
Takayoshi KawakamiCEO, IGPI Digital Intelligence, Inc.
Mitsunori Nanno

Former CEO FiNC Technologies

Keita NishiyamaVisiting Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo

Hironobu Fujiyoshi

Professor, Chubu University
Satoshi Yagi

Executive Operating Officer, FUJISOFT

Ryutaro Okada

Executive Director, JDLA

Special Advisors
Hiroshi KomiyamaFormer President, University of Tokyo
Isao TaniguchiPresident,National Institute Technology
Akio MimuraHonorary Chairman,Nippon Steel Corporation
Nobuchika MoriEminent Guest Professor,Center for Advanced Research in Finance ,The University of Tokyo

Taiji Edogawa   Representative Partner, EDiX Professional Group Edogawa Certified Public Accountant Office

Date of Establishment1st June 2017
LocationKokusai Building 7F,3-1-1,Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-0005
Media Partners

AINOW (http://ainow.ai/
AI-SCHOLAR (https://ai-scholar.tech/
Ledge.ai (https://ledge.ai/
AVILEN AI Trend(https://ai-trend.jp/


Organization Structure

Membership Information

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the chairman, board of directors, auditor and special advisors.


Human Resource Development Committee

To ensure the skillsets of application of deep learning, this body plans and executes the JDLA exam. This includes preparation of exam questions, editing and execution of the examination.

Membership Information