AI Data and Personal Information Protection

ChairYousuke Okada (CEO, ABEJA, Inc.)
Organizes practical issues on personal data protection when building and utilizing AI technologies,
and develop common standards in complying with legal requirements.

#6 Midterm progress report

DateJan. 28, 2022
TopicsDraft of the midterm progress report and planning for the next phase

#5 Guidebook for Utilization of Camera Images

DateDec. 2, 2021
ContentsPresentation / Discussion
TopicsRecent topics on the Guidebook for Utilization of Camera Images
PresentersYoichiro Itakura (Hikari Sogoh Law Offices)

#4 Practices by vendors

DateNov. 5, 2021
ContentsPresentation / Discussion
TopicsSystem design with privacy consideration
PresentersAtushi Ueda(Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association)

#3 Challenges by Companies

DateAug. 27, 2021
ContentsPresentation / Discussion
TopicsCompliance challenges and efforts in personal information protection
PresentersHiromasa Komine (BayCurrent Consulting , Inc. )

#2 The Personal Information Protection Act

DateJul. 28, 2021
ContentsPresentation / Discussion
TopicsThe recent amendments to the Personal Information Protection Act
and its implication to AI and data utilization
PresentersKippo Shibayama (Abe, Ikubo & Katayama Law Firm)

#1 Company Practice

DateJun. 14, 2021
ContentsIntroduction of the study group / Presentation / Discussion
TopicsPractices for legal compliance associated with facial data acquisition
PresentersYousuke Okada (ABEJA, Inc.)