Study Group

What is a Study Group?

We started study groups to carry in-depth discussions and to deliver practical initiatives aligned with the purpose and core activities of JDLA.

Each study group aims to develop timely and concrete policy proposals or recommendations for business challenges with cutting-edge deep learning technologies. It is achieved through constructive discussions with clear goals in mind.

Study groups serve as open forums among JDLA members and stakeholders in the field of various applications of deep learning technology. It strives to foster the exchange of ideas and provides valuable outputs to communities.


ScopeEach study group focuses on a specific theme/issue which
should contribute to the interests of JDLA purpose and activities.
ThemesProposed and decided at the board meetings.
MembersChair (Chosen from the board of directors)
Vice chairs (Recommended by member companies, appointed by the chair)
Study members (JDLA members and others invited by the chair as appropriate)
Time periodOne year
ActivitiesSeries of discussion meetings, inviting experts/professionals as resources.
Summary reports and final outputs to be publicly shared.
ScheduleMeeting monthly


JDLA members and invited professionals/experts from various fields among industries, government and academia.

Study Groups

AI governance and its evaluation

Chair: Arisa Ema (Associate Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, University of Tokyo)

Various actors may govern the controlling and evaluation structures of AI systems. Explores possible governance frameworks to help build trustworthy AI systems.

Quality assurance for AI systems on business contracts

Chair: Mitsunori Nanno (CEO, FiNC Technologies Inc.)

Clarifies the concept of quality assurance of AI models, and develops guides to ease communications among parties of AI development contracts. Aims to reduce possible legal issues and facilitates AI development agreements which leads to promote the utilization of AI applications

AI Data and Personal Information Protection

Chair: Yousuke Okada (CEO, ABEJA, Inc.)

Organizes practical issues on personal data protection when building and utilizing AI technologies, and develop common standards in complying with legal requirements.