AI governance and its evaluation

ChairArisa Ema (Associate Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, University of Tokyo)
Various actors may govern the controlling and evaluation structures of AI systems. Explores possible governance frameworks to help build trustworthy AI systems.

#8 Policy and social system

DateDec. 15, 2020
ContentsPresentation, Discussion
TopicsData utilization among public and private sector, promotion of open innovation
PresentersGeorge Shishido (The University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics)
Toshiya Watanabe (Institute for Future Initiatives, University of Tokyo)

#7 Accidents investigation / Third party committee

DateDec. 10, 2020
ContentsPresentation, Discussion
TopicsPractices of investigating accidents / third party committee
PresentersHiroyuki Yamagishi, Yu Ogawa (Technical Planning Division, Railway Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
Takeshi Motomura (Iwata Godo Attorneys and Counsellors at Law)

#6 Internal whistleblowing system / Consumer protection

DateDec. 9, 2020
ContentsPresentation, Discussion
TopicsSchemes of whistle blower protection systems and consumer safety protection
PresentersTetsuya Kanda (Legal System Planning Division, Consumer Affairs Agency )
Hideki Ochiai (Consumer Safety Division, Consumer Affairs Agency )

#5 Standardization

DateNov. 24, 2020
ContentsPresentation, Discussion
TopicsInternational standardization on AI systems and governance
PresentersRyoichi Sugimura (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Yonosuke Harada (Institute of Information Security)

#4 Insurance

DateOct. 26, 2020
ContentsPresentation, Discussion
TopicsInsurance for AI services
PresentersKei Kazama (Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.)
Tomoya Nagano (Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.)

#3 Audit and assurance

DateSep. 25, 2020
ContentsPresentation, Discussion
TopicsAudit and assurance for AI system
PresentersTakashi Akoshima (Japan Digital Design Inc.)
Tomoharu Hase (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC)

#2 AI Ethics Guidelines

DateAug. 25, 2020
ContentsPresentation, Discussion
TopicsAI ethics guidelines overview
PresentersTakashi Matsumoto (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC/ Vice chair of the study group)
ReportSummary Report

#1 Trend of AI governance

DateJul. 31, 2020
ContentsIntroduction of study groups / Presentation / Discussion
TopicsTrends in AI governance, in Japan and overseas
PresentersArisa Ema (Institute for Future Initiatives, University of Tokyo/Chair of the study group)
ReportSummary Report

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