The AI Governance Ecosystem

This database provides a collection of information sources on related initiatives/practices by players composing the AI Governance Ecosystem. The list will be further developed over the period of study. (For more about the AI Governance Ecosystem, please see the report of the JDLA study group “AI governance and its evaluation”)
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Governance body for policy and rule formation

Formulates principles and develops practices related to AI

Policy & Social system(collaboration with int’l organizations)

The Conference toward AI Network Society – release of 2017 report / MIC : 2017/7/28

Policy & Social system(rule formation)

Guiding Principles for a Digital Society (working group for the digital reform bill) / CAO : 2020/10/28

The EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy for 2020-2024 / EU : 2020/3/25

The Conference toward AI Network Society – release of 2020 report / MIC : 2020/7/21

“GOVERNANCE INNOVATION Ver.2: A Guide to Designing and Implementing Agile Governance” – release of the report / METI : 2021/7/30

“Guidebook on Corporate Governance for Privacy in Digital Transformation ver.1.0” – release of the guidebook / METI/MIC : 2020/8/28

The Intellectual Property System Study Group for the Fourth Industrial Revolution- release of the report / METI : 2017/4/19

“AI Governance in Japan Ver. 1.1” (report from the expert group on how AI should be implemented) / METI : 2021/7/9

A European strategy for data / EU : 2020/2/19

Laws & Regulations

White-Paper: On Artificial Intelligence – A European approach to excellence and trust / EU : 2020/2/19

National Artificial Intelligence Initiative/ US: 2019/3/19

New Strategy Outlines Path Forward for Artificial Intelligence / DOD,US : 2019/2/12

Various guidelines (contract/ethics etc.)

OECD AI Principles overview / OECD : 2019/5/22

UNESCO A Recommendation on the ethics of artificial intelligence / UNESCO : 2019/11

Social Principles of Human-Centric AI / CS : 2019/3/29

AI Utilization Guidelines (The Conference toward AI Network Society Report 2019 Appendix) / MIC : 2019/8/9

Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI / EU 2019/4/8

Model AI Governance Framework / PDPC, Singapore : 2019/1/23

ASILOMAR AI PRINCIPLES / Future of Life Institute : 2017/2/3

Responsible Limits on Facial Recognition Use Case: Flow Management / World Economic Forum : 2020/12/14

Contract Guidelines on Utilization of AI and Data / METI : 2019/12/9

Professional development & Education

AI for Everyone (AI literacy course) (provided in Japanese) DeepLearning.AI/Japan Deep Learning Association

Everyday Ethics for Artificial Intelligence. A practical guide for designers & developers / IBM : 2018/9/21

Responsible bots: 10 guidelines for developers of conversational AI /Microsoft : 2018/11/4

Lifetime Skills Guarantee / Department for Education,UK : 2021/4

Rules & practices of industry

Guidelines on Assessment of AI Reliability in the Field of Plant Safety / METI/MHLW/FDMA : 2021/3/30

Open Data Basic Principles (original in Japanese) / CIO : 2019/6/7

Governance body for service providers

Provides service providers with the indicators and standards when they need to develop AI governance

Standardization & Certification

Machine Learning Quality Management Guideline / National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

STANDARDS BY ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42 Artificial intelligence / ISO/IEC

JICDAQ Declaration (original in Japaese) / JICDAQ : 2020/12/1

Study Group on Automated Train Operation Technology : FY2019 Summary (original in Japanese) / MLIT : 2020/7/3

Data Society Alliance

Audit & Assurance

Artificial Intelligence – Considerations for the Profession of Internal Auditing / The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) : 2017/10/16

Insurance (third-party insurance)

Accident investigation

Progress Report on the Investigation of Railway Personal Injury Accidents (original in Japanese) / MLIT : 2020/2/27

AI service provider/developer

Individual company or organization, AI governance entity


Responsible AI / Microsoft

Building responsible AI for everyone / Google

IBM’s Principles for Trust and Transparency / IBM : 2018/5/30

AI Engagement within Sony Group / SONY Group : 2018/9/25

Fujitsu Group AI Commitment / FUJITSU : 2019/3/13

NEC Group AI and Human Rights Principles / NEC : 2019/4/2

NTT DATA Group’s AI Guidelines / NTT DATA : 2019/5/29

Intel’s AI Privacy Policy White Paper / Intel : 2018/10/22

SAP’s guiding principles for artificial intelligence / SAP : 2018/9/18

Organizational management

Sony Group AI Ethics Activity / SONY Group

SAP AI Ethics Advisory Panel / SAP

IBM ML quality diagnosis service (original news release in Japanese) / IBM : 2021/4/21

AI Governance Survey / Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LCC : 2021/3

AI service

AI Service and Risk Coordination Study Group / Institute for Future Initiatives, the University of Tokyo


AI service users

Business use

Daily life use

Third-party (data provider)

Third-party providing data for AI service development

Data provision

NTT DOCOMO Personal Data Charter / NTT DOCOMO: 2019/8/27

Governance body for Users

Provides users with protection and assurance in the event of AI-related problems or incidents.

Mutual info. sharing (policy/citizens/NGOs)

Human-AI Collaboration Framework & Case Studies / Partnership on AI

The Artificial Intelligence Incident Database / Partnership on AI : 2020/11/18

Case examples of the Product Liability Act (original in Japanese) / CAA

“FY 2016 Report on the Actual Status of the Whistleblowing System in the Private Sector (original in Japanese) / CAA : 2017/1

AI Governance Survey / Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC : 2021/3

User support/UI/UX

Insurance (first-party insurance)

consumer protection

Notification System of Consumer Safety Act / CAA

Environment management body (for cyberspace and physical space)/ Third-party organization

Monitors the data and algorithms required for AI services, and provides a security environment, and “third-party organization” that responds to incidents

Data distribution (incl. government data)

IEEE Ethically Aligned Design First Edition / IEEE : 2019/3/25

Universal Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence / The Public Voice : 2018/10/23

Industry-Wide Artificial Intelligence Policy Principles – release of the principles / ITI : 2017/10/24

ITI’s Global AI Policy Recommendations – release of the report / ITI : 2021/3/24

AI Utilization Strategy – towards AI-ready society – / Japan Business Federation : 2019/2/19

Open Data Catalogue (The government of Japan) / MIC/CS : 2014/9/29

Development and operational tools (MLOps etc.)


FactCheck Navi (provided in Japanese) / FactCheck Initiative Japan

Security Management

The National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan: 2019 Update / NSTC, US : 2019/6/21


The Need to Improve the Effectiveness of the Whistleblower System (original in Japanese) / CAA : 2019/10/11

Third-party Committee